Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rings and Felted Things

I thought it would be a good idea to show everyone what I have been up to! =) I still feel like I'm in a bit of a slump, but I'll work that out somehow. The above bracelets you see were for a custom order for friendship bracelets. Yes, the picture is blurred, but I like the blurriness in this here.

The customer wanted the initials of her friends on the bracelets. After I painted them on, I got really nauseous XD. I forgot painting made me feel that way, hehe. I still like how they came out though =). These bracelets were made with leather cords, wooden beads, paint, and embroidery floss.

I went to my relative's house in NJ. I was pretty bored, so I brought some sewing supplies with me to keep me busy. It was pretty relaxing to just embroider. Everyone thought I was working on an order for the shop XD.

This is a larger piece I created out of felt, buttons, and embroidery floss. I like how they came out, but I'm not sure what to use them for! A head piece? A Brooch? =O??

I purchased this huge knuckleduster ring from CupofSea shop on etsy =). It is an acrylic ring that says 'create.' I'm pretty happy with the purchase, and the price made me feel like I was stealing XD. She's clearing out rings for the shop though to put in new inventory. Got to love sale items =). (My cousin thinks should chop my nails off since they are getting long. I like them...haha Good defense weapon!)



Crystal said...

I found you from your blog giveaway feature at You Don't Know.
I think your jewelry is really cool!! I love the colors and also like your neat designs
Great custom work too!(yucky paint smell totally)
I am looking forward to visiting again.
Hope you are feeling better;)
Happy Summer~

Pikithins said...

Thanks Crystal! =D I wish you luck on the giveaway =). Yeah, sometimes painting makes me dizzy (and i'm heading to my sisters house to paint her walls XD). I'm sure I'll feel better soon, just needed some time off the shop and I'll be normal again!