Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Evening everyone. I thought I'd share my small venture to the marina on Staten Island. Its a really relaxing place and especially beautiful when the sun sets =). My mother, a photographer, wanted to practice shots with lighting, so I was her guinea pig lol. I drew a heart on my skin with my nails.

Yes, I know. I'm super pale =P. I like myself that way, haha. The weather was perfect out today.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, haha.

My mom has a thing for using man made items as frames.

Just chilling out on the rocks and watching the boats sail around =).

I got a little more loose in this picture. One of my favorites. I vowed my mother that I could get more lean in two weeks since I haven't been practicing my regular yoga recently. Heh. Well, thanks for checking in =).


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PonderandStitch said...

These are all great! I love the second pic...maybe because I can't even imagine being able to put my head back like that because of my stupid ol' vertigo. I can't even look up at the sky. You look so cute in all of these! The last pic is really great, too- great lighting!