Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coffee Bracelets

I am in LOVE right now XD. These bracelets were really fun to create! The dark brown one is called the Mocha bracelet (done for a custom order). I used a wooden button as a closure. The white buttoned bracelet is called the Hazelnut bracelet. I did this bracelet for an item review for a blog I'll be featured on!

Even though I don't like coffee, I LOVE the smell of it and the names! I was wondering if I should add a section where customers can order coffee: A Pikithins Coffeeshop service (meaning, the customer tells me the name of the coffee they want and I create it into a bracelet. How awesome is that!?)? (The bracelets aren't scented or anything, they would just represent the coffee you love!) It can even be a special service where they can order their 'coffee' for someone and I send a message to that person along with the bracelet! It'll have special packaging and everything! Special additions you know? OOAK? Hehe. Yummy! Tell me what you think!

I can even do it with dolls too! The bracelets can be the coffee and the dolls can be the snacks =D hehe.


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PeridotSnowDesigns said...

I <3 it!!! I cannot wait until I get my bracelet in the mail. You did a fantastic job, and I also love the name. You probably didn't know but I am a huge coffee drinker! lol