Monday, June 14, 2010

Buttons and Skin Writing

New bracelets! AH! =D I really wanted to create bracelets that use buttons as closures. So, the past two days I went on a button adventure =). I still have a couple more I didn't use, but I'm sure I'll fine awesome bracelet designs for them! I thought I'd go for a more simpler style of bracelet to let the buttons be the focal point.

Omg, this makes me laugh! I found these buttons and KNEW they were destined for bracelets! These bracelets are called the Twisted Sisters. The black sister is Yvette and the Red sister is Sophia (named after two of my sisters). They are devious little things, hehe. You can buy them as a set or separately. All these bracelets will be in the shop tomorrow.

During my button adventure, I also bought these huge buttons =). The white one is larger than my head! I have two buttons just like these, but in red. The small button, like the blue one, is what I use to create my bracelets! Very nifty.

Now to a different topic. About a week ago I found out I have a skin condition called Dermatographic Urticaria. Its pretty much when your cells have weak membrane walls, letting histamine produce. When you scratch, red welts appear in the shape you scratch. That's why its also called skin writing. Because of this, I can't wear any of the bracelets I create. It won't stop me though! I actually want to do a photoshoot (you can see past photoshoots on my blog) of various writings on my body. Above I wrote 'save me' on my skin. At first it was red, but now its faded to white on my skin.

SO, if you have any type of quote or word that would be interesting for skin writing, let me know by posting a comment. Much appreciated, thanks =D. Would really love to hear from you!



ArtTales said...

I love your new bracelets and the Twisted Sisters are perfect! Of course you know I love the huge button decor and will be off to find my own tomorrow ;)

Dominique said...

O love all things button :)

By the way, my parcel arrived last Friday and Olive is now sitting on my desk inspiring me to write :) Thanks so much!

T @ Poppy Place said...

They are beautiful bracelets :)

That is pretty awesome that you would turn a potential problem into a positive with your skin writing!

Have a wonderful evening, T. :)

VeganCraftastic said...

I love those bracelets!

Gabriela said...

I love the wisted Sisters bracelets. They are cute!