Monday, May 24, 2010

Traversing Through Projects

I've been pretty busy with finishing large orders. The one above is a commissioned piece for ArtTales-Leftz =D. It's her tribal plush traveling through the jungle after a busy day of catching food for dinner. The sun sets, the land turning dark while they head home. This piece is done in color pencil and acrylic paint on illustration board!

This piece is half done. It was inspired by the tribal piece I did for Leftz. I still have to add creatures to this one and fix the sky =D. This piece is done completely in color pencil on illustration board.

Another order I worked on was for a men's bracelet. I kept wondering to myself: How the hell am I going to make a bracelet look manly for a man to wear!? When I saw these leather cords and wooden beads at the store I pick up supplies at, I found the perfect solution =). I love it.

Other then that, I've been busy typing my dreams down. Is it normal to dream so frequently? I wake up a lot at night, so sometimes I'll have more than one dream. Pretty crazy XD. I'm working on updating that blog today with two new dreams I had.

Aside from that, how was YOUR day? XD Don't forget to enter my giveaway! It ends on May 30th!!!



sassypackrat said...

Art Tales is going to love that painting! I love it too!

Noemi said...

I LOVE the painting you did for ArtTales!! And the bracelet is quite fun and funky indeed!!

Pikithins said...

Thanks! It really isn't a painting though lol XD it's all in color pencil with touches of acrylic paint, heh =D
Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

wow, these paintings are amazing!