Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dirty Wow Wow and Roll Up Bags

Introducing the fold & roll up make up brush bag!!! That sounds like some type of long winded super power name XD. I made this bag/pouch for a custom order! The person wanted 20 slots where she could hold different sized brushes. Beyond that, I could make whatever I wanted =D. I picked out these lovely fabrics and created the pattern myself =). It ties with a thin embroidery floss braided string. You can fold it...

...roll it...

...and fold it again! =D It's great to carry around in your bag instead of throwing your brushes in a zip lock bag XD.

This is the inside. I made it really simple:2 rows, 10 slots each.

There are three different sized slots for larger brushes =).

The design was inspired by this roll up bag/pouch I made for myself to hold my needles for crocheting =D.

This is the interior. Its really nifty when going out. I can defiantly do custom order of these if anyone is interested in one =). I can even personalize it for your own style =D. Just leave me a convo on etsy or at my email:

On another note, I recommend EVERYONE buy this book! Dirty Wow Wow. These two authors got together and documented old childhood toys adults still have =). There is a story written about each beat up and cherished toy.

Its a quick read too, but some of the stories are too adorable to pass up, especially the one where this woman used to carry her doll with her and it was thrown out the car window into the highway =O. The father saved the doll though =).

Here is the link:


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Jen said...

What a great idea! I will definitely keep you in mind for my paintbrushes. they get a little scruffy when i have to transport them. :(

That book looks adorable!