Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Photography - Memorial Boat Tours

During my Memorial Day weekend, I went on a ship tour of the guided-missile destroyer USS Cole (DDG 67) and the Katherine Walker (WLM 552) coast guard boat. Our group wasn't able to tour the interior of the USS Cole, but we got to check out the deck with its colorful array of flags and choice selection of artillery.

Here is a view from the USS Cole. That is the Verazzano Bridge in NY in the distance. It was a really lovely day, albeit, a hot one.

This is the coast guard ship-The Katherine Walker. The ship has a 24 member crew, with 4 people sleeping to a room. They have their meals three times a day in a diner like area onboard. They use this area as the medical bay as well. The interior is pretty small, so imagine being on a boat like this with that many people!

Control room of the Katherine Walker boat.

It was a short, yet fun trip. I see more boat tours coming in my future!

Photos taken by: Carolina
Camera: Baby Fisheye camera
Film: 110mm

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