Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Photography - Botched Film Interpretations # 1

Staten Island Ferry 2013. 110mm fisheye film. Taken by Carolina O.
Botched photos remind me of abrupt dreams, like I'm gasping awake from a grainy nightmare I can't recall the entirety of. Emotions fill the empty spaces left by forgotten things. 

Staten Island Ferry 2013. 110mm fisheye film. Taken by Carolina O.
They also remind me of moments before someone blacks out, or in this case, 'whites out.' Images stack together like double exposures. It's disorienting, dizzying as memories fight each other to take precedence in your mind. They each want to be the last thing you vividly remember because they aren't sure when you'll wake up. 

Red District in NYC 2013. 110mm fisheye film. Taken by Carolina O.
This botched photo reminds me of alcohol intoxication.   

I snapped this shot on my way to an art gallery. I've never been on this street in the city before, lined with neon signed bars and red roped lounges (If I recall correctly, I spied strip clubs too). Long corridors led into the innards of buildings, colorful lights hinting to fun times just beyond, and the walls plastered with posters whispering promises. 

That door at the end appeared innocent, but I imagined it caked in all kinds of things; the sweat of bodies pressed against its surface, lips on lips, of countless fingertips pushing it open. I wondered if those same digits ever pushed against the other side to get out, if the people attached to them even wanted to leave and if they didn't, what dark desires beckoned them to stay? 

Imagine someone stumbling into a place like this alone, vision blurred and limbs disoriented after a few drinks too many. It's frightening, but also makes for quite a story.

What do you think of when looking at these images?

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Luna LaBlue said...

I love these. It's like trying to capture a memory I've long since forgotten and can't quite seem to grasp.

Luna LaBlue