Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Photography - 110mm Fisheye Camera

I spotted this fisheye camera while browsing for film at the Lomography Camera Shop. They sell it in different colors with plastic bodies. I particularly liked this model because of the metal incorporated into its design (which made it more costly, but definitely worth it).

It fits perfectly in my pocket and makes for a great traveling companion. I can do double exposures and leave the bulb on to take brighter pictures in dark areas, so night images are possible. However, the camera doesn’t come with a flash, which is fine for me since I’m not particularly fond of that feature. If you want crisper photos, you’ll have to use a tripod.

Capturing silhouettes is a strong point of this camera. I took this while visiting the botanical gardens in the summer of last year, using a special film that develops in hues of reds and oranges. Silhouettes are loaded images, and I like the endless interpretations you can get from them. They’re also like shadows of an idea, not completely come to fruition. 

My first few rolls came back with many botched pictures (especially when I kept forgetting to take the lens cover off. Doesn’t that just make you fume when you forget little things like that?). I usually recycle those photos into other projects. I'm thinking of using them as book covers too. 

The black and white film rolls are my favorite. Grainy, old time photos are something that attracts me, and I'm glad I'm able to have some aspect of that in my photos. This was at a park in New York City, right across from my old work place.

See how tiny it is? Perfect for a hobbyist or a professional. I purchased my camera for $50 (but they usually offer deals through Groupon). Without the metal body, it costs $40. They do offer this camera in a larger size as well.

What do you think of this camera?


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