Monday, February 24, 2014

New Coptic Stitch Books

I have finally recovered from being extremely sick (body weakness, pains, coughing, you name it, I had it)! Well, I still have a bit of a sore throat, but I became well enough over the weekend to work on some new books! Meet the Business Woman. Isn't she lovely? She has a very straight spine. Who doesn't love a woman with good posture?

This coptic stitch bound book is 4.25x3 inches (6 inches wide when opened). She has 144 blank tan pages and lies flat when opened! I really like the braided cord that acts as a book closure. You can also use it as a bookmark to mark your place!

This lovely lady needed a companion, so I made the Business Man. I've been itching to use black paper, and I got my chance here. He also has 144 hand cut black pages, and is the same size as his partner. Color pencils and special inks work really well on this guy!

They are both listed in the shop. You can click on the pictures to read the listings.

They're both perfect traveling buddies for you to pick up! Don't you think?

- Piki

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Amy said...

Love the business woman and business man names! These are perfect...and so well-made! Great job!