Friday, February 28, 2014

Alice in Wonderland Alphabet Book

During my trip to the NYC ComicCon last year at the Jacob Javits Center, I was able to browse through a couple of works by illustrators and local artists. I’m a big fan of art books and art prints, and I spied this cute children’s alphabet book (The Wonderland Alphabet) by Alethea Kontis (Author) and Janet K. Lee. (Illustrator and fellow Etsian) The typography immediately caught my attention, so I picked up a copy and began reading. 

I also got Janet K. Lee’s signature, which to me is reminiscent of those Japanese signature stamps found on ink drawings (aside from the smiling kitty, happy day).

It’s a neat find! A very special treasure I think any kid would appreciate. The rhyming scheme of the story intermingles well with the playfulness of Lee’s color choices. She’s not afraid to let the text play on the page.

My favorite page is the letter I, just because the word ‘tall’ becomes more than a word here; it’s an interactive element and does wonderful things when you pronounce it. I feel like I want to raise my voice higher and higher when my eyes follow the long legs of those l’s!
              You can find prints of Janet K. Lee’s illustration here


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