Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Film Photography - Miss 35mm

I’ve had an undeveloped roll of 35mm film stashed away since the summer of 2013. Whoops?  
So I strode over to Lomography-my favorite film store nestled on a narrow street in the West Village-and finally got it developed. If the NYC area is easily assessable to you, I highly recommend visiting this store, especially if you have a soft spot for film. They have a lengthy selection of film cameras (35mm, 110mm, fisheye, pinhole, polaroid cameras, just to name a few). 
This is one of the few gems I was able to snag from a mostly botched roll of blurry and too dark photos. That’s ok though; I was experimenting since it was my first time using this film type (color negative 400 ISO). I love the deep hues of warm blues this film gave me, and it’s the sharpest my photos have ever appeared.
Photo sharpness isn’t an issue with me though. A blurred photo adds another layer of information. There’s a sense of nostalgia I get; a memory flickering in and out of focus, missing details that might have been there but isn’t any more. It’s nice when all the information isn’t present. It gives me the opportunity to fill in the blanks. 

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