Monday, June 21, 2010

Paper Button Flowers

Awhile ago, my good friend ArtTales posted on her blog about a button flower tutorial. At the time, I had this HUGE urge to make some button flowers too...but with paper also =). Off to the store I went and came out with this cute bouquet!
The materials:
Brown, red, white, and tan buttons
Thick white and cream card stock with silver and brown designs that shimmer.
(I stamped the paper out with scalloped edges)
Orange and red wire for stems
Plaid fabric and a transparent bow to tie it all together!

I created a huge assortment of brown paper flowers with red buttons...but I don't know what to do with them! They have been sitting in a box with no where to go lol.
Thanks to everyone who commented on my coffee poll. More responses are welcome before I decide what to do with the info.



ArtTales said...

Beautiful! You are so talented, you can take the simple and expand it into something new and wonderful :))

reneek said...

Those would make cute ornaments!!!