Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chucky Cheese and Shop Overhaul

Hi again =D So this week seems to be birthday week. My cousin's birthday was today. So we all went to Chucky Cheese and spent HOURS playing massive amounts of games. It was actually pretty fun =). It felt so good to be a kid, hahaha.
Before I continue this lovely story, I have an IMPORTANT ETSY SHOP ANNOUNCEMENT! PLEASE READ:

Recently I've been getting really sick. I've been getting allergic reactions often and I finally figured out the cause of the problem. I'm allergic to the jewelry I make! D= No seriously, I'm just allergic to the metal toggle clasps on the bracelets and a few other metals. What does this mean for the shop? D=?? I WILL BE DOING A MAJOR OVERHAUL. I can't work with these metals anymore because they get me sick =/. These are the new changes I WILL be implementing for the shop:

- ALL bracelets will NOT posses metal toggle clasps anymore, they will ALL be adjustable! Good news eh? =)
-I WILL be closing down my earrings section. Earrings will go on sale on May 31st. Once they are ALL gone, that is the last the section will live. Sorry if this brings sad news to anyone =(.
-I will be adding an increased amount of doll needle wallets, new bracelets, and cards with changed prices
-A new SUPPLIES section will be added to sell out all the metals and supplies I can't really work with anymore. Good opportunity for those who have been asking about the items I use.
-I WILL be adding a new section to the shop. I'm not telling what it is though >=D It's a surprise!!

Thanks for reading that everyone! AND NOW, a very short video! =D This is Chucky and I hanging out on the dance machine. Enjoy =).


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Who knew he could dance so well ;)